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Email Design & Deployment

Email has played a huge role in sales and marketing for many years and as time has moved on, the tools and strategies have adapted too.  

Personalise Email Marketing to your buyers journey and increase lead to customer conversion rates – fuel your sales team with the hottest leads possible.

We link email marketing back to your target market persona’s and integrate it into the content marketing plan.  

When leads are identified by specific demographics and where they sit in the buyer journey, we adopt a segmented approach to move them along the funnel.

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Lead Scoring & Nurturing

We utilise lead scoring strategies to ensure that leads are progressed to sales reps when they are qualified.

Qualified leads are determined by a variety factors including the individuals market fit, the content they are consuming, the level of interest they have demonstrated amongst many other custom behaviours important to your company.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Email marketing has to continually improve to increase results. Our consultants look at the key metrics following the deployment of email campaigns (opens, click-throughs, list growth etc), but then focus on the conversion rates that follow in terms of whether specific ‘Call-To-Actions’ are performed that lead to growth.

  • User Experience
  • Full Funnel Optimisation
  • A/B Testing

Sales Prospecting Automation

As sales and marketing continue to become more aligned, the role of the sales rep has taken inspiration from marketing automation.

We also work with sales teams on their ‘outbound’ approach to ensure that targeted leads are connected with personalised emails that get a response. Our Sales Enablement support includes but is not limited to:

  • Automated Email Sequences
  • Content & Email Notification Reporting
  • Visitor IP Tracking
  • Marketing & CRM Integration
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3x more leads per month within one year


4x more visitors per month within one year


72% of customers saw an increase in sales revenue within one year*



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